The Story of Tonn's Honey.

Hello, I'm Philip and this is my family! We are glad you're here!

The story of Tonn’s Honey starts in 1976 with an entrepreneurial couple named Tom and Dorothy Tonn. Their passion for quality honey led them to develop their own brand of honey which became known to locals as Tonn’s Honey. Their dreams and plans, combined with high-quality honey, soon attracted customers which included retail stores, bakery, and wholesale distributing centers.

In 2007, after working nearly 25 years with Walnut Creek Foods, I had the opportunity to purchase the honey business that Tom and Dorothy had started 31 years earlier. The business was moved from Massillon to Walnut Creek, Ohio. Since then our family has continued the tradition of sourcing and packaging the highest quality honey available. Currently we offer five varieties of honey: Clover, Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Ohio Raw, and Buckwheat. We have also expanded the business with two new lines of honey, Ohio Premium (which is an all-Ohio honey), and Beehive Originals (for raw honey lovers).

We live in a very scenic place in America – the heart of Amish Country – Holmes County, Ohio. We call it home. We believe in a simple, genuine lifestyle, and apply the same values to our business. We believe in God, and are actively involved in ministry across the world. We enjoy spending time together as our family develops and expands, and two of our favorite things to do is to enjoy a meal together or go fishing. Taking time to connect with each other is very important to us. We feel blessed that we have an opportunity to run a business as a family!

If you have an interest in honey, whether it’s merely passing or you have a serious passion, you are welcome here. You just might learn something new!